The wedding is one of the brightest days in any person’s life, therefore we put effort in its organization. Each detail is essential: from a shade of the groom’s tie to the taste of cake cream. However time is inevitably rapid: in a month nobody will remember witty jokes of the host or admiration from the salute. Therefore it is absolutely worth imprinting your emotions throughout all day! The wedding photo album is the story of your brightest day told through a camera lens! And it is very important who exactly will tell this story! Like a bad writer can spoil the most tremendous plot, a nonprofessional photographer can spoil your memories about so beautiful and happy day! So that you could understand if I suit you or not, I decided to tell how I work and what is my wedding philosophy.


I would call my style reporting with slight staging elements. Even on wedding walk I try to communicate more with the guys and to catch their sincere emotions. In my photos you will never see fake faces and tense unnatural poses. But what’s the most interesting, many newlyweds now refuse staging photos in wedding day, giving preference generally to reporting ones, and wedding walk we shoot in some other day when we aren’t short in time and can quietly make many beautiful photos together.

My main inspiration source at weddings is people. I like to shoot embraces, touches, smiles, laughter, dance. It’s very important for me to help newlyweds to understand what is their perfect day. At first meetings we always discuss the ideas and concepts from make-up and hairstyle to the groom’s suit. And within all time of preparation for the wedding we constantly in touch and can discuss important issues if the bride or the groom have doubts for any occasion. I will always advice checked contractors and how to make things stylish, not in “hi from the ninetieth” way. And I constantly say to couples that “stylish” and “expensive” don’t mean the same thing!


As you have already noticed in photos I like bright rich colors, and I very much like to experiment with light. Also I adore black-and-white pictures! Sometimes color photos can’t fully transfer the touching character of the moment, but anyway black-and-white photos occupy no more than 10% of-15% of all photos my newlyweds receive as a result. As for the retouch, I do a light retouch of close ups where it is necessary, at the same time keeping people “alive”. I prefer to leave men’s portraits as is to emphasize courage and elegance. I don’t impose 500 layers of the blur in a photo, I don’t make “waxworks” of people and I consider a deep retouch inexpedient in the context of wedding photos.

Working with me you will understand that posing is not difficult at all, and it is actually even cool. I will always tell and show how to stand, where to put hands, how to relax and don’t feel constraint, what poses are the most suitable. And if you think that you’re the most not photogenic person on the earth – I’ll prove you wrong! I like to shoot in dynamics, such photos create and transfer the stage mood. Of course, newlyweds receive from me not only classical angles, but also something interesting and unusual. And sometimes I like to photograph children and guests in some funny situations and poses — cause they need to be able to laugh at themselves!


As for terms of photos reception, in the contract it’s stated as three months, but as a rule, I try to give photos earlier – it depends on my workload. And finally I just want to say that the wedding photographer, of course, should be chosen responsibly, but also with ease. Also don’t forget that with this person you will spend almost your whole wedding day!